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The Psychotik Girls!!!

Hello Freaky Darlings! I have a special announcement for you all. For once, one of my additional ideas for the website is panning out! I believe I mentioned it a while back, but we are going to have our own models for the site. Think of them like Encyclopedia Psychotika’s version of the Suicide Girls. Or like Suicide Girls meets Jager Girls. Difference being, we don’t conform to the norms of beauty. Pretty is pretty…Fat, Skinny, Back, White, Tan, Purple, Blue…Cthulhu help you if your turquoise (Nothing good ever came from those turquoise bastards from Planet Vaxtrum!) At Any rate I expect you all to give them a warm welcome and be sure to visit the Facebook to check them out. Like the page and show some love.

The Psychotik Girls are lead by our very own dazzling femme fatal Seras Psychotik. If you are interested in becoming a Psychotik Girl email Pictures on the Facebook page will be rated PG to PG-13. However, we may do some NSFW (Not Safe For Work…for those of you that are not up on the lingo) photos only available on the site.

Welcome Ladies….to My Madness!

Click the picture you fools! Then like the page!

Click the picture you fools! Then like the page!