Not so much Psychotik News, But More a Rant….

Hey there Darlings! Well this is a somber week huh? I had some sort of interesting things planned for the news this week, but taking in the events that happened Monday is Mass. just kind of got me thinking. Thinking about more than just one thing for sure. See, I usually don’t like weighing in on the heavy’s. Humans are such strange fickled creatures as it is without touching no no buttons that turn them into ravenous, mouth foaming beasts over a different thought pattern than what they think is acceptable. So with that in mind, I might take flack for this, but hey….no one ever did anything awesome without making a few rough waves occasionally.
Here goes:

I'm braced...

I’m braced…

Gun Control

Nothing has brought me to confusion more than this in recent weeks. Why is it so bad the thought of making weapons that should only be available to military more restrictive? I’ve been watching, and the only people talking about taking ALL of the guns away…are the people protesting it. Funny thing is, I’ve not seen one acceptable reason as to why we shouldn’t restrict clip size or semi-auto weapons. A great man once told me, if you need more than one bullet to kill a man, you’re not doing it right. So if you really are just protecting yourself, shouldn’t you already know how to use a gun? So you shouldn’t need a high-powered assault rifle…all you should need is a shot-gun, a regular rifle, or a hand gun…right?

I know one argument is they need it for if the shit ever hits the fan. Revolution, Zombies, Aliens, Terrorists, Invasion. We if you want to have them for just in case…then how are we going to make it better. When you look at the school shootings, when you look at some of the other acts of violence brought on by these weapons…what do you think we should do to make it better? I’ve heard everything from armed guards in schools, to teachers being weapons trained, to just being more responsible. A) Their generally are resource officers on school grounds and they are armed…didn’t seem like that did anything. Not to mention what if that guard looses his weapon? Or worst, what if he’s the one that flips out and starts shooting? B) I would much rather teachers get training to better teach the children in the schools. Teaching them to use a gun is pointless. And again, how many times have you read of a teacher flipping out and going a bit over board? Now add a gun to that equation? C) as far as being responsible, I think the most responsible thing to do is restrict who can have these weapons. That is the most responsible thing to do, they just don’t like that idea (Anti-Gun control groups that is)

Oh and a few more things to add to this before I close it out…What is the deal with the people who think they need a gun stock pile for when the government comes to take their guns? Really people? You really think your gun cabinet is going to save you when the MILITARY comes knocking? Your going to fend off a large group of trained, armed soldiers…or police? You’re going to put your whole family in danger because you don’t want to give up your assault rifle? At this point you have already failed as a human being. Your thought process is flawed and you most likely deserve the end game to that situation. Darwin was 100% correct with his thoughts on survival of the fittest. It’s just to bad in this case, you won’t be the fittest. Then there are the people bitching about the bullet shortage. About every person out there is blaming Obama. News Flash: No laws have currently been passed so not only are you wrong, but your uninformed..or most likely stupid. Want to know why you can’t get the bullets you need? Because you and your friends are paranoid as hell and have driven the demand far higher than what the manufacturer can reach. THAT is the fact. You don’t need 20,000 rounds of ammo. The only thing you are doing is giving us zombie nuts good ideas for homes to raid if the shit hits the fan that way (more likely by the way then your whole idea of winning a war with the U.S Military.)

Todd Akins Logic

The Whole Rape Thing…

I’ve not followed all of this to know the whole story. All I know is it was a very tragic story that opened some doors that should have been opened and some that might not have. Rape apparently does need defined a bit better. I mean with politicians running around saying that you can’t get pregnant from it or that it just can’t happen…people need their eyes opened a bit. Fact: People can be raped Fact: a pregnancy can result from said rape. What is killing me about this is the amount of scapegoating going on. People trying to blame it on the way a woman is dressed or by the way women are portrayed in movies, TV, video games, cartoons etc….I’m sorry did I miss the part where humans have now started equating themselves to animals? Should the Homo be dropped and you all just be called Sapiens now? (Don’t get me started…their probably are homophobes out their that would argue that…) To say the reason someone rapes a person is because of what they were taught on TV, Movies, Video Games, Literature, etc….is ridiculous! You have a mind…you can think for yourself. The media no more influences you to rape some one than it does to make you go to the bathroom or eat. People make bad decisions…doesn’t mean that you need to police how women are depicted..well everywhere. I do believe this is probably from the fem-nazi’s…this thought process. Mostly because I’ve noticed not one thing has been mentioned about those same mediums depictions of males. This is just an ugly issue that is going to go on for a while. Accept the fact that rapists rape because they wanted to, and it will all be over. Why does their need to be a deeper reason? Why are you giving them an excuse? Just another example of how a real issue has spiraled into another witch hunt…in my opinion…

By the way, if you follow Rep. Todd Akins logic…this pic above is for you…


Westboro Baptist Church

Why are these idiots still around? They are the example of 1st Amendment run amok. All they are out there to do is make money off of suffering. They have no real doctrine of faith. The only thing they do is spew forth hatred. They offer no comfort, no solace, nothing good…just hate. They protest funerals of fallen heroes, the protest dead celebrities…hell I bet you if you made a big deal about a shit you just took they may even protest it. So why are they still around? Classify them as a hate group and be done with it. How is it, you can get ICP’s fans black listed as a gang. A group that has really lost a lot of relevance over the years…their fans are classified as a gang, but the Westboro Baptist Church hasn’t been classified as a hate group. Now they have current plans to protest for the bombing this past Monday in Boston. They are going to keep pushing it until they cause the wrong person to have a mental break. I hope it doesn’t happen, but I know it’s inevitable. I wonder then if they would protest their own funerals. Or what they would do when others protested their funerals…hmm. Either way, they are a firm example of people not taking care of a real problem.


Gay Marriage

Why is this still being discussed? This should have been over a long time ago. A marriage is defined a legal contract between two people. This is why you must have a marriage license. A wedding is the religious or ceremonial part. No one is telling all the churches they have to perform gay weddings. All they are trying to do is fix the legal aspect of things. If a dude wants to marry a dude or a duddette another duddette…let them. It doesn’t hurt anyone. No body told you to go get a gay marriage. If marriage helps dictate legal rights, then all are included in that. I would compare this to the Civil Rights movement, But I know some of the people (some not all) that oppose Gay Marriage probably are cool with segregation and women being shoved right back in that kitchen. Just get this one out-of-the-way so we can move on. It shouldn’t even be an argument.



I’ve already mentioned this a few times. This is another one of those really bad issues that I think we need to look at but we are to concerned with bullshit that should be a no brainer. This ties to the rape thing as well, as I believe the girl who sparked that whole issue was brutally bullied for coming forward. What the fuck is wrong with people? Hmm? Why is this still an issue. Parents, get off your ass and do something! Schools, get of YOUR ass and do something! There is no reason a child, a young human that hasn’t even fully started life yet, should feel they need to die because of what their peers have to say. Recently in the town we live in, a girl tried to take her life because of this shit. Again I offer you if you are reading this…if you are being bullied, their are people who care to listen. There are some people out there that will talk and listen to you. I offer to all my darlings, I will talk to you if you want. Hit me up on the Facebook page or email me. Post here and I will give you contact info. Don’t let the few assholes out there control you. I assure you School is a small pond compared to the world. And the world is a small pond compared to the Universe. The Universe is a small pond compared to the multiverse…You can over come it…I believe in you.

In Memory of the Boston…

This last part is mostly not a rant. I want to express my deepest condolences to those affected by the attack in Boston on April 15th, 2013. This was absolutely senseless. I can’t imagine the pain this has caused you. Damn shame that something like that had to end in tragedy. I do hope they are closing in on the bastard responsible, and that the same mercy he showed you is shown to him/her.

I found myself the last four days asking why? Why did this happen? I can’t find an answer…it just seems ever since the 2012 thing got closer and then came and went…people have lost their goddamned minds. I wish people could stop obsessing over the end of the world. it’s a long way off. Unless you fuckers cause it first that is. Those people in Boston didn’t deserve that, but rest assured the punishment you are dealt…you will deserve that. Feel lucky you are not in a part of the multiverse where worst vengeance could be brought on you. Or for that matter, in the part of time line that forbade some of the more violent ways people have been put to death…and they were put to death that way for less. Imagine where that would put you. Now we had another big explosion in Waco, Texas last night. I just hope it’s not related.

That will be all for now Darlings. Hopefully, we can resume some good content soon. I think I’ve gotten some of the harsh stuff off of my mind. If you have anything to add to this article feel free to comment. Do be respectful though no matter what end of the spectrum you fall on. These are all ideas and ideas can be changed, reformed, elaborated on, etc…

Until next Time, My Freaky Darlings,

Malice Psychotik


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